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Computational Art to introduce computing for CS0 and Outreach

After Attending an AI session at the Grace Hopper Conference I participated in a GFX session/workshop. The first task for the participants of the workshop was to be creative! Draw yourself as the master of code in 30 seconds. This … Continue reading

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve Complex Problems

Managing fraud, recognizing speech, and creating more autonomous robots are just three areas that use artificial intelligence to come to grips with complexity. In this panel, industry and academic experts Tara Sainath,  Lydia Kavraki, and Jin Zhang discussed how they … Continue reading

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“Write Once,Run Anywhere” The Mobile Developer Pipedream – Paola Castro -Notes

With the increased need to provide apps for numerous platforms namely, Android, iOS and the web, maintaining and scaling mobile applications is one of the greatest challenges for mobile developers. In this session Paola spoke on the technologies that allow for … Continue reading

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IOT and Emerging Tech: Gina Sprint Presentation

  IOT and EMERGING TECH -Gina Sprint PHD STUDENT OF WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Gina Sprint received a B.S. degree in computer science from Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, in 2012. Currently she is working toward the Ph.D. degree in computer … Continue reading

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Grace Hopper Conference

I will be blogging, vlogging and note taking throughout the conference. I’ll keep you guys posted on the sessions I intend to cover. I’m soo excited!

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Calling all women techies (students and professionals) from Bangalore!

As a committee member of Grace Hopper for India I feel it is my duty to inform you all about the great opportunity to join Tech for Good 2015, the exclusive women-only Hackathon for students and industry professionals from computing and technology … Continue reading

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Conversation killer

Originally posted on Technology education and me:
One of the stereotypes of people working computing is that they aren’t great at socializing, and I have to say when I was young that was very true for me. As a shy…

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Geek Street in Chicago

Originally posted on Digital Field Notes:
On July 22 we had the chance to collaborate with colleagues in the N. W. Harris Learning Collection with a table at Google’s Geek Street Festival in Daley Plaza. We arrived early with laptops,…

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Queens Compute

Hello World! The objective of this blog is to encourage people,especially women, to become more involved and knowledgeable about the field of computer science. I will be working to provide you all with all sorts of computer science related information ranging from tutorials … Continue reading

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