Computational Art to introduce computing for CS0 and Outreach

After Attending an AI session at the Grace Hopper Conference I participated in a GFX session/workshop.

The first task for the participants of the workshop was to be creative! Draw yourself as the master of code in 30 seconds. This helps to “stretch”- to be creative. – (See my drawing below)

IMG_4638 (1)

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to learn code.

The CS0 class teaches how to learn computer science via games, music, mobile robotics ,securtiy and computational art.

Why should we care? In a study it was concluded that introducing this learning style can increase the number of people who see themselves in computer science in the future. This context based style teaching computer science has improved grades and graduation rates.

Human vision system is the largest system in our brain. Its good to put that part of the brain to use!

Why creativity?

Its something we can help people explore and learn. We can help people to problem solve by pushing people to expand their creativity.

The participants were asked to download

First, we  coded an ellipse together. With a couple of lines of code we created a small animation.

One method of teaching is asking student to look at code and then ask them to predict what the code will do.

Click here for a quick tutorial that goes over material similar to the work we did in this workshop.

Fun art styles to look into-

  • Art nouveau
  • impressions- implicit equations
  • Popart- arrays and data structures
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